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Boshart Trucking, Inc. Named SEDCOR 2016 AgriBusiness of the Year

We were honored to be named SEDCOR's Agri-Business of the Year today. Truly, though, our BTI family makes us who we are, and are the best out there getting from one challenge to another. We're grateful for our team, our families, our growers, and our customers. As Shelly Davis said in her acceptance speech, use your voice, be involved in your community and the political process. Our state needs all of us.

Watch this video by SEDCOR for some insight into what we do!

SHELLY BOSHART DAVIS - still making headlines! Read HERE 


Congratulations Shelly Boshart Davis!

First nominated America's Farmers NW Farm of the Year 2015, then she went on to win the National Farm of they Year 2015 honor!


Read the story HERE:

BIG NEWS! Congratulations Stan Boshart!

Stan Boshart Nominated for Top Producer 2015

Finalist for Top Producer of the Year, Stan Boshart.


From Stan: I'm here today because of my family, my co-workers, those that have helped me and believed in me along the way. An award to me isn't that great of a choice, but if those that are choosing can award those in my life and our company, than I'm happy to accept it on their behalf.


For the full article and video, click here.


Straw growers break into camel market

Local, National and International news - Important to us. - 'Port of Portland container terminal would close for good if ICTSI leaves, official says' - To read more, click HERE


Bipartisan Port Slowdown Press Conference in Washington DC 2/12/15 - To watch, click HERE


The Capital Press - 'Port Slowdown has Damaged Western Ag’s Export Markets' - To read more, click HERE


The Economist - 'Watching Fruit Rot' - Shelly Boshart Davis, Interviewed and Quoted

Click HERE


The Wall Street Journal Article- 'West Coast Port Snarls Will Take Months to Unwind' - Shelly Boshart Davis, Interviewed and Quoted

Click HERE, go to our Facebook page and click on the link from our page.  If you can not website article, read PDF HERE



SILVERTON, Ore. -- Oregon's straw industry is working with researchers in the United Arab Emirates on feeding trials that could provide entry to the lucrative Middle East feed market.


Grass straw, once burned as a unwanted residue after seed harvest, has been a prominent source of roughage, or fiber, for beef and dairy cows in Japan and Korea for the past two decades. Now it is being studied for camels. 

- Read the full story from December 2012 on Capital Press here.


Exports: Headhaul or the Future?

For years, Peter Friedmann has touted the idea that exports can regain their long-lost dominance over imports in U.S. container trade. Now some economists say the executive director of the Agriculture Transportation Coalition may be onto something.


Current models suggest U.S. containerized export volume could exceed imports during certain months as soon as 2016 and on an annual basis by 2020, Walter Kemmsies, chief economist at Moffatt & Nichol, told this month's AgTC’s annual meeting in San Francisco.

- Read the full story from June 21, 2013 on Agriculture Transportation Coalition here.

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