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Company History

BOSSCO Trading LLC logo in black coloring

Boshart Trucking, Inc., PressCo, and BOSSCO Trading LLC began as a trucking company in 1983 and expanded into the straw industry in 1990. We began with baling, and added a straw press in 2003.

We began marketing our own product in 2003 as well. Today, we control all aspects of the straw we sell. Family is involved in all aspects of the companies, which are still today considered family businesses.

BOSSCO Trading LLC is dedicated to all aspects of the straw industry. We control all phases of our straw baling and pressing process – from the rake in the field to the container being opened overseas. Our customers can be assured we know every bale we sell.
BOSSCO Trading LLC has led the way and will continue to lead the way in traceability. We are able to trace every product from every container back to the field it was originally baled in. We don’t purchase product from custom baling operations; we bale our own product as well as haul, store, press, deliver and market – all through our own companies. This way, we know what we’re selling.
BOSSCO Trading LLC values their customers. Being an industry leader in customer service, we believe friendly and prompt communication, on-time and consistent delivery, and quality product and packaging are the foundation for every relationship. Customer satisfaction is our goal. We manage our own contracts and relationships with our shipping line partners to better ensure quality ocean transit for our customers. 
Straw Products:

  • Annual Ryegrass Straw

  • Tall Fescue Straw

  • Perennial Ryegrass Straw

  • Fine Fescue Straw

  • Orchardgrass Straw

BOSSCO Trading LLC is proud members of the National Hay Association, United States Forage Export Council, Agriculture Transportation Coalition, and the Federal Maritime Commission's National Shipper Advisory Committee.

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