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Company History

PressCo LLC logo in black coloring
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Pacific Rim Exporting Straw Service LLC (dba PressCo LLC) was started in 2002 by Stan and Lori Boshart in Salem, Oregon as a means to enhance and control the quality of pressed straw shipped by BOSSCO Trading LLC.


Being in the baling, storing, and hauling business gave Boshart Trucking Inc. the opportunity to observe many other press sites, equipment, and quality controls — the good along with the bad. After ten years of watching our high standards stop at the presses we delivered to, it became apparent that in order to continue these high standards all the way to the consumer, we would need to secure our own press site. During the process of setting up the new press and building, we were able to incorporate what works the best, using the greatest ideas from all the other press sites we had previously delivered to.


Some of the ideas we incorporated in our press site are: asphalt or concrete for all surrounding area storage approaches, a concrete load out area to prevent mud and gravel exposure, the purchase of a heavy duty press designed for full container weights in high cube and standard containers to maximize shipping weight, onsite digital scales and onsite scale cameras, weighing the straw before and after compressing. This, in addition to owning our own trucking company, gives us unprecedented control over all trucking of the bulk and containerized straw.


The many important processes in the completion of each of the farmer’s fields include: raking, baling, quality control, variety, bale weights, loading, hauling, storing, inventory, grading, pressing and delivery. PressCo completes total integration from the farmer’s field in the United States to the consumer.


PressCo proudly utilizes Steffen Presses. In 2008 a Double Press was installed to meet the growing needs of our customers. Having side by side presses gives us more options and flexibility to better fit our customer’s orders. PressCo’s staff has been the back bone of meeting some of the highest press standards in the industry. As our needs grow to serve our customers, we are confident we will continue to expand and advance in our development. Our vision from the beginning is still the same today. Pacific Rim Exporting Straw Services Company offers the highest quality straw pressing services available in an ever changing market.

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