Company History

Boshart Trucking, Inc., PressCo, and BOSSCO Trading, LLC, are all owned and managed by Stan and Lori Boshart (Pronounced 'BOSS-Heart'). What first started as a one-truck company in 1983 expanded into a global enterprise. Today, with nearly 50 employees, the three different companies align and work together providing straw to customers all over the world.  


After 20+ years in the straw business,  we diversified our product offering by adding Alfalfa and Hay crops to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. In order to keep the high level of quality and traceability as we do with our straw products, we have established close relationships with the hay growers we work with.


Our companies work together to provide our customers with the highest level of quality control in the industry. Every harvest, Boshart Trucking works with local growers and sends multiple teams and equipment out to bale over 23,000 acres. They then transport the straw from the field to the barns within days of being harvested and baled. During the summer and remainder of the year, our trucks send the straw to our pressing facility, PressCo, where it is compressed into finished products – pressing according to customer needs with many different bale sizes and packaging offerings. Finally, BOSSCO Trading sells and ships the straw to customers around the globe.