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We're happy to serve customers in the Pacific Northwest with their trucking needs, custom pressing needs, and exporting needs. See our services per company listed below! Jump to the company you would like more information here:

Boshart Trucking, Inc. Trucking Services

PressCo LLC Custom Pressing Services

BOSSCO Trading LLC Export Services

Boshart Trucking, Inc Trucking Services

Boshart Trucking is proud to serve our agriculture commodity customers with excellent transportation options throughout Oregon and Washington. Most of our loads are local to our Salem or Tangent locations as we strive to get our drivers home every day as best as possible. We're proud to be based in a state with over 220 agricultural commodities, and we strive to support them with excellent, local transportation options. Some of the commodities we are familiar with include:

  • Grass Straw & Hay

  • Bulk and Bagged Fertilizer

  • Hazelnuts

  • Grass Seed

  • Wine Grapes

  • Nursery Plants

  • Mint Oil

  • & Many more!

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PressCo LLC Services

Located at our Salem location, PressCo is available for your custom hay or straw pressing needs! Customers enjoy utilizing PressCo for consistent pressing quality and attention to detail. The PressCo team works to procure the highest quality strap, sleeves, and wrap available to ensure a secure product with no to minimal expansion for the end user. Our skilled team can compress your forage for containerization for export needs, for personal feed or bedding needs, and more. We have two presses that compress forage into several package types with a few examples below! Our full list of packages available include:

  • Double Compressed Half Cut 25kg/55lb Packages

    • Full wrap or bulk without wrap options available​

  • Double Compressed Full Bale 50kg/110lb Packages

    • Full wrap or bulk without wrap options available​

  • 450kg/990lb Sleeve

    • Two slices inside the bale​​

  • Chaff Sleeve, as light as 300lbs and up to 1500lbs.​

NOTE: Weights are approximate and fluctuate based on the bulk product, bale quality, and more. What is listed is our target and actual weights are likely to be higher; however, they may also be lighter. A lighter weight bale may be requested if needed.

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BOSSCO Trading LLC Services

BOSSCO Trading LLC offers premier forage export service with the help of sister companies, Boshart Trucking, Inc. and PressCo LLC. Relationships are key to the success of BOSSCO Trading LLC and our valued customers. We work closely with our ocean container shipping lines to offer the best service to our customers, and we offer service via rail and marine terminal to destinations in Japan and South Korea (other destinations in Asia available upon request). With our vertical integration, we have direct access to high quality grass straw for year-round export, customized to your end users' needs. This includes Annual Ryegrass Straw, Tall Fescue Straw, and Perennial Ryegrass Straw (other straw varieties may be available upon request) at any of the packaging styles as mentioned in PressCo LLC section above. Our baling crews at Boshart Trucking take pride in the bale they make, as every quality bale creates a quality bale for pressing and for our customers. In addition, our pressing team inspect every bale to ensure we send the highest quality straw to our overseas customers. At this time, we do not offer any hay for export. 

In addition to export service, BOSSCO Trading LLC offers a small quantity of straw for sales domestically in bulk (big bale) form to local farms and other end-users. This includes products such as big bale wheat straw, specialty grass straws, and any straw we deem not high enough quality to export, such as culls or weed bales. If you need big bale straw, please contact us below!

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