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Season Harvest Crew Member

Tangent, Oregon, USA

Job Type



Boshart Trucking, Inc. in Tangent, Oregon

About the Role

Harvest Crew Members are hired for seasonal work during the grass seed and straw baling season and farming season to operate tractors pulling either a tedder, rake, baler, stack trailer, or farming implements; and/or operate combine. Job duties may change throughout the season dependent upon weather, company needs and employee abilities.


  1. A driver’s license is not required for this position, but a driver’s license may not be currently suspended or revoked.

  2. Operators under the age of 18 must have attended a tractor safety class and provide proof of completion by the first day of work.

  3. Experience operating farm equipment a plus, not a requirement though.

  4. Ability to understand and follow instructions

  5. Ability to communicate clearly with coworkers and management

  6. Abide by all company policies and procedures

Seasonal Harvest_Crew_Job Description
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About the Company

Boshart Trucking is a family business that values hard work, relationships, and community involvement established in 1983.

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